What happen to 4th writing competition as I am the winner ?!?

2019-04-15 7:19 pm

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2020-07-13 2:29 pm
yeah, real cool dude...
Answering your own frickin questions...
參考: intelligence
2019-04-15 8:26 pm
The Senior knows what happened to the Standard:-eg:-
----Story writing competition is the 4th of Singtao the Standard's 7-in1 plots(=subjects) of fiction-"quest"(the subject) as pop-song by Matt Monroe and both see itself as being the link as there are 7-in1 titles declared on the Tiger Standard on Thur,April 11,2019. Certainly A.Einstein 1905 enjoys ever-increasing literature acknowledgement for "Imagination is Everything?!" for the "Plot=Plan or Outline" on the word "plot";but not for poverty-stricken students p1-p6 which show poverty of ideas. How can they learn the writing skills and increase their confidence,creativity by reading the newspaper?The museum has STEM from education authority of science helping them to develop their creativity dating back to a child.
----There is the 7-in 1 subjects an award-winner writes in the "plot"(=story) with lyrics from Matt Monroe pop song entitled "For Mama" featuring through. as the senior "listens-and-writes" pleasantly. Many offer free sweet tastings and a bitter cup of herbal remedy on site. The senior can find a willing subject to write the 7-in 1 survey with all of the 7 subjects entitled as one.
----Around the senior's writing circumstance of poor, his studies is seen as humble.He wishes to be "born again" in existence of another enlightenment by "defeating evil". A near life adventure from "Poor to Rich" is a "journey and return" for one section of his longest journey of his study-career,life-planning educational in the world.Although a senior can go for confidence&creativity in "Mama"by Matt Monroe, yet "the quest" for happiness, knowledge, truth, creativity in "quest" of adventure in the 4th Writing Competition is also confident and creative.It seems the lyrics"the quest" by Matt Monroe has shifted into the "Mama-"Quest"" for the senior's greater encouragement, adventure, etc. causing the plain lyrics to literature platform, "questing" from the writing to standard committee adjudicators on this application.
----Further confidence gained, the culture has left its mark of excellence,of imaginative, of adventure, of creativity and of writing skill in this 4th Story Writing Competition. The settled result has cleared all the "tragedy" to a "comedy", which is so intense as to other seniors who would like to be more adventurous and creative, new and interesting, methodical and ideal, including this 7-in 1. Evidently, it is skill to bearing the senior's name as an award-winner to be acceptable by the Standards.(No. of words=500.)

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