Argumentative writing competet$6000?!?

2018-05-29 3:37 pm

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2018-05-29 5:33 pm
The 7th/6th Liberal Studies writing competition on Crucial(importance)English Skills to The Standard $6000 award.
--------------Topic:-Globalization global 6 argue for /against in a 6 official logo with the sign of a pencil all around the column in The Standard----------------
In an argumentative essay 7th Or 6th Liberal Studies, I need to provide a convincing argument as to why the system global 6 awards " me" $6000 in the writing.
Speaking of the Personal Development&Interpersonal Relationships,it is a bad argument that can be made for comparing Man & Woman in love , not School Submissions , with the tighten of the screws ,wheels and nuts fixed in his enquiring mind but cannot make up his mind logical whatever?!
Roughly speaking, the EnergyTechnology & the Environment, I can argue in favour of banning the LED diode that switches to Towngas in the same diagram to protect the ionosphere by producing and protecting more healthy bodies on Earth. Environment protection means green issues such as the greenhouse effects and global warming to advise you to go green.
Generally speaking of Public Health referring to the diagram, the familiar logo showing a strong,sensible character in Central Protection Health Services cannot be seen, but a bitter broken heart on red cross in the top RHS.
Globalisation or globalism 6 in the logo is being concerned with causes and effects over the whole world. It looks like a globetrotter basketball player who travels a lot in the whole model of the Earth, true or untrue, strictly speaking ?!
Speaking of Modern China in the official logo that looks like a model of Red China, it is a dispute or legal argument about&between USA-China trade,where either side can win or lose on an argument.
Speaking of the tiny logo on HK Today on the Liberal Studies Writing Competition 2018, the organiser , publishers have kindly put forward a well-argued cheque $6000 for awarding "me" the prize.They argued the 6 official logo on globalisation 6 for the 7th/6th Liberal Studies Writing Competition for hours reaching the conclusion that they rarely argued.(How can I earn(received)$6,000 money?)

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