Chinese Idiom?

2012-03-22 2:37 am
What is the synonyms translation Chinese in(3+3)words meaning"make a fool of somebody,make a fool of yourself" Can you see the sounding of the Chi. Idiom to play the fool in silly or stupid behaviour were:-(yue yen chi , yue yen yeah ) Help?

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2012-03-22 2:56 am
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Chinese Idiom
Make a fool of somebody, make a fool of yourself.yue yen chi, yue yen yeah 愚人者,「愚人」耶愚弄人的人,就是「愚人」了

2012-03-21 18:57:39 補充:
Don't do it on April Fool's Day.

2012-03-22 09:11:15 補充:
You are right TOMING88, it can be

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